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Mint Item must be in perfect condition without any visible and audible defects. The record and cover are as brand new. The record was not played or was played very minimally.
Near Mint The record has only one or two minor visible marks on the surface. Sound quality is still perfect.
Excellent Not quite perfect. There is a slight chance of minor deterioration in sound quality. The cover may show slight wear.
Very Good The record and the cover have visible marks. The record was played many times and there are some audibile noise but it doesn't effect the listening experience and the scratches should not be so severe that the album skips or sounds poor.This is still an excellent condition.
Good The sound quality has deteriorations. The cover and surface have lot of marks and signs of wear. The record was played often.
Fair The record is still playable but is heavily scratched and has major audibile defects: jumping, noisy and loud clicks. The cover is also badly damaged.
Poor Technically still playable but has serious deterioration in sound quality and in condition. Its cover is very badly damaged too.
Very Poor Condition of item is terrible.The record is not playable at all. It is good only for completing a collection.We will only take this if it's a very rare item which someone would want just to have the item. It is not almost of any use.

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